SDF stopped renewing the expatriate card for the displaced in the countryside of Raqqa

Local media revealed the dominance of fear and discontent among the displaced families who live in the city of Tabqa and its countryside, west of Raqqa, due to the non-renewal of their expatriate cards.

According to the Nahr Media website, the so-called Expatriate Affairs Office of the Internal Security Forces of the SDF has suspended the renewal of expatriate cards for these families, while the reasons have not yet been mentioned.

The newcomer card system was introduced by the Autonomous Administration of the SDF for Arab residents and people living in northeastern Syria, in order to be able to reside in the areas of Hasaka and Raqqa and move between their countryside easily.

It is worth noting that the expatriate card is the only way for displaced families that enable them to move within the areas of their displacement, and without it, they cannot enter, exit or move within the city.