The body of an officer of the Syrian regime forces was found in Eastern Ghouta

The Syrian regime forces found the body of one of its members, killed in mysterious circumstances in Eastern Ghouta, and this is the second case since the beginning of this month.

According to the "SY24" platform, members of the Assad regime's Military Security Militia found the body of a non-commissioned officer with the rank of first assistant, killed and thrown inside an abandoned car in the area separating the town of "Shebaa" and "Deir Al-Asafeer" in Eastern Ghouta.

He explained that the body of the slain officer was found in an area near the Damascus International Airport road, handcuffed and feet bound, and thrown into the back of the car, noting that the officer's body showed signs of torture, and signs of suffocation with a metal wire on the neck area.

She pointed out that the fingers were pointed at the involvement of the Lebanese "Hezbollah" militia, present in the area, in the killing, due to the differences between them, in addition to the fact that the region's security situation makes it difficult for any group or person to commit a killing, except with the support of And protection from the intelligence of the regime, or the Iranian militias.

It is worth noting that the Assad regime's intelligence transported the body to the capital, Damascus, and mobilized in large areas in the region, and launched a wide security campaign, during which it arrested 3 people working for the "Hezbollah" militia with the aim of interrogating them about the officer's killing.