A solution to the transport crisis promised... The governor of Damascus defends GPS devices

The Governor of Damascus, "Mohammed Tariq Krishati" confirmed the accuracy of the work of the system of tracking devices for public transportation, denying all that is said to the contrary.

Krishati said in a statement to the pro-Ba'ath newspaper that the system's work is accurate in accordance with the applicable regulations, which provide transportation means with quantities of fuel according to the distance they travel within the specified path on their line of work.

The governor called on all those who feel unjust from the owners of the means of transportation to submit a complaint to follow up and treat it as soon as possible if its validity is confirmed, indicating that some owners of service cars did not do so, and he wanted to activate electronic tracking devices because they were trading in allocations and selling them on the black market at the expense of transportation insurance. Citizen.

 While some service owners said that they did not receive their allowances despite their commitment to work according to the distance specified for them on the lines.

Krishti pointed to stopping the cards of vehicles on which the electronic tracking device was not installed as of next Sunday, and promised to solve the transportation crisis in Damascus and its countryside after implementing the tracking mechanism in all means of transportation and the service's commitment to it.

Krishati's speech came two days after the adoption and installation of GPS devices for arrays to control the lines.

The newspaper stated that the governorate of "Damascus" installed the devices on 6,300 vehicles out of 8,500.

The tendency to monitor seraphs through tracking devices and link them to an integration card so that the mechanism is not refueled except when it adheres to its line of work.

Loyal sources attributed the cause of the transport crisis and the lack of service providers to the owners selling their allowances and not working, while some believe that the cause of the crisis is the lack of fuel and not the drivers' lack of commitment.

The transportation crisis is sweeping all Syrian governorates, and the country has recently witnessed 3 accidents that led to the death of two young men and the injury of a girl due to severe overcrowding in buses without any official action towards these accidents.