The emigration of nurses threatens the health sector in Lattakia

Media sources loyal to the Assad regime revealed the emigration of several groups within the health sector in Latakia, due to low salaries and significantly high prices.

On Tuesday, October 4, the loyal newspaper Al-Watan said that 31 workers from several categories in the health sector in Lattakia governorate have submitted applications to resign from work during the current period.

This is due to lower income compared to expenses, especially with regard to transportation and transportation fees, which have become a burden on employees who live far from their workplaces.

The source indicated that the workers were asked to check their conditions and transfer them to workplaces close to their residence.

 He stated that one of the nurses warned against the phenomenon of migration and travel of nursing staff to Iraq, Libya and Yemen, in search of higher wages commensurate with their work and stressful experience.

He stressed that if the professional reality of the disease does not improve, the option to resign or leave work and emigrate will be the only solution to confront the harsh living conditions, according to the same source.

It is noteworthy that the areas under the control of the Assad regime are experiencing a major economic crisis, and a difficult living reality for the people, in conjunction with receiving wages that do not exceed thirty dollars.