Attacks in Daraa caused great losses to the intelligence of the Assad regime

Daraa Governorate, in southern Syria, has recorded several armed attacks during the past hours, which resulted in deaths and injuries from Assad's forces and security branches, or collaborators with the regime, in addition to civilians.

The "Ahrar Houran" group reported the killing and wounding of a number of Assad's forces as a result of targeting an Air Force Intelligence checkpoint with machine guns in the town of Al-Musaifra, east of Daraa.

A member of the Assad forces, "Mohammed Ahmed Zaarour" was also killed after being targeted by direct bullets near the town of Sidon, east of Daraa.

According to the assembly, "Al-Zaarour" hails from the Masyaf area in the western Hama countryside, and is a member of the Political Security branch in Daraa.

In the same context, "Nidal Adnan Al-Salkhadi" was killed last night after being targeted with direct bullets by unknown persons on the road between the cities of Jassim and Nawa, north of Daraa.

"Al-Salkhadi" hails from the city of Jassem, and works in the military security apparatus in Daraa. He is accused of working with the Lebanese "Hezbollah" militia and handing over people from Jassem to the Assad regime, according to "Ahrar Houran".

The young man, Moamen Imad Al-Jawabra, was also killed after being targeted with direct bullets by unknown assailants in the Al-Sad Road neighborhood in Daraa.

It should be noted that Daraa governorate witnesses daily killings, assassinations, kidnappings and security chaos, after the Assad regime took control of Daraa under Russian auspices in 2018.