Al-Raqqa: An informant of the SDF fled to Assad’s areas with thousands of dollars

Local media revealed that an informant and the owner of a money exchange shop fled the city of "Tabqa" west of Raqqa, which is under the control of the "SDF" militias, to areas under the control of the Assad regime, with thousands of dollars in his possession.

According to the "Al-Khabour" website, "Muhannad Al-Ghazi", an informant for the SDF militia, runs a money exchange shop called "Marwa", who fled from Tabqa city in the western countryside of Raqqa to the Assad regime-controlled areas in Deir ez-Zor.

He explained that "Al-Ghazi" fled the city of Tabqa after stealing large sums of money estimated at about 100,000 dollars.

It is worth noting that the sums that were stolen by the "Ghazi" belong to people who deposited them with him for the purpose of operating them, noting that among those people who were defrauded were leaders and elements of the SDF, in addition to civilians, including women.