Response Coordinators: The number of fires has risen to 144 since the beginning of the year

On Tuesday, the Syria Response Coordination Team revealed in a statement that three fires broke out within one day in the camps for the displaced in northwestern Syria.

He explained that the high temperatures inside the camps, and the reliance on cooking stoves inside the tents, increases the risk of tents igniting more, especially that 90% of the displaced families depend on cooking inside the tents amid the lack of relatively safe places to reduce fires.

He pointed out that the use of canvas tents is one of the main reasons for the spread of fires inside the tents, and the lack of insulation, as the number of camps that lack the necessary insulation to prevent heat or fires is more than 96 percent of the camps.

The team appealed to humanitarian organizations operating in Idlib governorate and its countryside to work to improve the humanitarian situation for the displaced in the camps, and to secure the necessary supplies to prevent the recurrence or spread of these fires. victims.

He stressed the need to find suitable housing places for the displaced that can resist different conditions, near city centers and residential communities, pending the creation of suitable conditions for the return of the displaced to their cities and villages, which is the complete solution to the issue of camps in northwestern Syria.

It is worth noting that, according to statistics issued by the Syria Response Coordinators team, the number of fires within the camps since the beginning of this year has risen to 144, causing damage in 171 tents.