Damascus University requires students to buy books to confirm their registration

News spread through the media that the presidency of "Damascus University" will force its students to buy 3 private textbooks per year, or novels "in French" and "English" in the university's store, regardless of price or content.

According to the local newspaper, Al-Watan, the books are handed over to the student in return for a receipt, which in turn delivers it to the service center with the payment receipt to confirm the registration, without indicating the receipt, and without the receipt, the registration is considered unproven.

The newspaper quoted an unnamed official source from the University of "Damascus" as saying that the purpose of the circular is to encourage students to buy books without having to rely on summaries, noting that the cost of buying the three books is the same as buying a summary, so this publication will not constitute an additional burden. On students throughout the year, he said.

In recent years, universities have noticed a demand from students to circulate study summaries in libraries at the expense of university books, indicating that these summaries contain a large amount of incorrect information, which has led to student failure in the exam course.