Exclusive: PYD Official to Qasioun: We Warned the Russians Regarding Northern Aleppo‘s Tel Rifat

Aleppo (Qasioun) – The Syrian Democratic Forces denied this morning the latest allegations about its withdrawal from Tel Rifat city and the surrounding villages north of Aleppo.


A statement from the media official of the YPG in Europe, Ibrahim Ibrahim, in which told Qasioun that “We warned the Russian forces in our regions, in order to take a serious position from the possible Turkish intervention in the region».


Ibrahim stressed that they met with the Russians, to bring the areas mentioned to the de-escalation agreement in public, pointing out that if they did not respond «we will have to take another position from the Russian forces that claim to achieve peace in Syria».


The official said the latest agreement "puts the Russian possibilities at stake, in the control of security and peace in the region," pointing out that the upcoming days «will clarify this».


The Russian Defense Ministry announced yesterday, the cessation of hostilities in the areas seized by SDF of the beginning of February last year, and the deployment of Russian military police in the area.