Hezbollah Under Fire After Protecting ISIS Fighters And Transporting Them To Iraqi Borders

Agencies (Qasioun) - The Kurdish security body in northern Iraq has many questions about the “suspicious” transfer of hundreds of ISIS militants from the Syria-Lebanon border area to Syria’s border with Iraq.


“According to an agreement between ISIS terrorists, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, hundreds of ISIS militants left the Lebanese border areas and were taken with their arms and ammunition toward the Iraqi border areas,” the Kurdistan Region Security Council said in a statement released Tuesday.


“We as the Region’s Security Council express our concerns about this action and consider it suspicious. This raises many questions.  We hope that all relevant parties in the region take a serious stance on this action,” it added.


ISIS agreed to a ceasefire on two fronts on the Lebanon-Syria border region with the Lebanese army on one front and Hezbollah and the Syrian army on the other, ending a week-long confrontation.


The ceasefire took effect on Sunday and saw a convoy of 308 militants with small arms and 331 civilians leave the border area under Syrian army escort.


They are being relocated to Al Bukamal on the Iraq-Syria border in eastern Deir ez-Zur province, part of the middle Euphrates River valley, home to the largest concentration of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria.