Ahrar Alsham Appoints A New General Leader

Idlib (Qasioun) - The Shura Council of the movement of Ahrar Sham issued on Tuesday a statement announcing the appointment of "Hassan Soufan Abu Barra" as the leader of the movement of Ahrar Alsham.


This came after it accepted the resignation of the engineer «Ali Omar Abu Ammar» from his post as the leader of the movement.


Soufan, born in Latakia in 1979, was arrested in Sednaya prison for 12 years and was released from prison following an exchange deal conducted by Ahrar Alsham with the Syrian regime in December 2016.


The appointment of Soufan came after clashes between the movement of Ahrar Alsham and Hae’et Tahrir Alsham in Idlib and Aleppo which ended with a cease-fire agreement between them that requires the release of all detainees from both sides, and the departure of factions from the Bab al-Hawi crossing.