Thursday 20 July 2017 | 9:51 AM Damascus Local Time
  • ISIS Launches Counter-Attaack And Regain Areas Eastern Homs


    Homs (Qasioun) - More than twenty troops of the Syrian regime and its militias were killed in the early morning on Thursday, with a flash attack ISIS on their positions in the "valley of the Al Waer" near the Syrian-Iraqi border.


    according to media sources close to ISIS, it managed to force its control over couple checkpoint in the area, as well as capturing three other soldiers and destroying two artillery pieces and several military vehicles.


    Similar clashes took place between the two sides near Al Hel oil field eastern Palmyra, with artillery and missile shelling, resulting in casualties among number of the regime forces.


    It should be noted that ISIS was able in the past few days, to launch flash attacks on the Syrian regime positions, resulting in taking control over several areas, in addition to killing more than seventy troops.


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