Pentagon-vetted Opposition faction attacked regime forces and seized locations

Homs (Qasioun) -  the Syrian opposition faction Martyrs of Qaryatin brigade (Lewaa shohadaa Al Qaryatin) seized on late Sunday evening several military positions and outposts near Halba area and Mount Ghurab and its surroundings in the Syrian desert east of Homs province.


Analysts see this progress as a major change in U.S. policy on the Syrian battlefield, as this faction coordinates directly with the Pentagon as well as other opposition factions recently.


US forces recently have only warned the regime forces no to reach the Syrian-Iraqi border, and ultimately carried limited military escalation, as it conducted number of airstrikes on several military outpost of the regime forces in the Syrian desert.


Notably, this is the first time that a faction coordinates with the Pentagon has moved into military confront with Syrian regime forces.