The Lebanese Baath Party Announces The Death Of Its Leader In Daraa

Agencies (Qasioun) - The leader of the Lebanese Baath party, General Hussein Ali Rabiha, is dead after fierce fighting with the opposition factions in Daraa.


The leader, Hussein Ali, came to the city of Daraa early last month at the head of a large military force, and the number of participants from the Lebanese Ba'ath Party was 400 fighters in order to start a major military operation under the name of "Hurricane of Huran" announced by the regime forces to restore the lost positions from the opposition factions in Manshiyya district in Daraa Al-balad.


It is noteworthy that the forces of the regime and the militias supporting it had announced the killing of three of their officers in the rank of general during the current month of July due to the fighting in Syria.