Losses Among The Syrian Regime Forces East Sweeda

Sweeda (Qasioun) - Syrian opposition factions announced on Sunday morning the death of some fighters of the regime forces and the destruction of military vehicles in Zulf area east of Sweeda.


The opposition groups destroyed tank72, two canons, and a radio vehicle as well as a heavy gun 23 after targeting the forces of the regime and its supporting militias with artillery shells and rocket launchers.


Sa’eed Saif told Qasioun that the bombing aimed at stopping the advance of the regime forces in the Syrian desert, pointing that the regime forces are seeking to impose a security circle around the airports of the Seine, Al-Dmeer, Khalkala and Damascus.


Noteworthy that the forces of the regime with support Russian warplanes seek to have a road between Iraq and Syria to secure the supply of Iraqi militias to Syria.