Discharge Of The Commander Of The National Defense Militia In Aleppo

Rasd (Qasioun) - The General Commander of the National Defense of the Syrian regime in the city of Aleppo, Osama Obary, was discharged on Saturday evening.


This was as a result of the acts of robbery and thefts carried out by his militias and units, according to pro-Syrian regime media.


Meanwhile, activists opposed to the Syrian regime have reported the execution of Osama Obary because of financial problems with the National Defense Command in Damascus.


This follows the great security chaos in the city of Aleppo, in addition to theft checkpoints scattered on the road of Athirya-Khansir.


Noteworthy that Osama Obary is a major merchant in Aleppo, and owns large shares in Obary medicine factory west of Aleppo.