The Killing Of A Child By The Bombing Of The Regime Forces On The City Of Talbisseh North Of Homs

Homs (Qasioun) - A child under the age of ten died and others were wounded on Saturday evening when the forces of the regime bombed the town of Talbessa in the northern Homs countryside with artillery shells.


The forces of the Syrian regime and allied militias shelled the road between Talbisa and Ghantu with heavy artillery and rocket launchers, injuring many civilians, some in critical situation.


The Syrian regime forces also shelled the villages of Kafr Laha and Ghantu in the northern Homs countryside with artillery shells and heavy machine guns, no casualties reported so far.


Noteworthy that the villages and towns of northern Homs countryside are parts of the agreement of De-Escalation zones done recently between Turkey, Russia and Iran, which provides for the cessation of combat operations in the specified areas.