The Egyptian Mahmoud Kahraba Grants Ittihad The Saudi Crown Prince Cup

Saudi Arabia (Qasioun) - Ittihad Jeddah has achieved the Saudi Crown Prince cup after defeating Alnasr in the final match on Friday evening one to nothing. Mahmoud Kahraba could soccer the only goal for Ittihad after 15 minutes of the beginning of the match.


Ittihad team could defend his goal for the rest of the match to win the final despite many problems has hit the team recently like deducting three points in Jameel League to be away of the league leader, Alhilal, and preventing Fahed Almowallad from playing the final because of disciplinary decision.


Noteworthy that this is the first match led by the English referee, Mark Klatnberg, who has come to Saudi Arabia to have a sport position in the Saudi football body.