Tuesday 6 December 2016 | 5:15 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Iran Will Not Let Trump To Rip Up Nuclear Deal, Says Rouhani


    Agencies (Qasioun) – The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday during his speech at University of Tehran that he would not let U.S. President-elect Donald Trump rip up a global nuclear deal.


    Rouhani also warned of unspecified repercussions if Washington reneges on the agreement.


    Rouhani said “Trump wants to do many things, but none of his actions would affect us”


    Rouhani added “Do you think the he can rip up the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal)? Do you think we and our nation will let him do that?”


    Analysts have said Trump's comments could signal a harder U.S. line on Iran, as he referred during his previous presidential campaigns that he would scrap Iran's pact with world powers.


    "There is no doubt that the United States is our enemy," said Rouhani, who is expected to stand again in Iran's own presidential elections in 2017.


    "If Obama signs ISA but uses waiver rights to cease its implementation, it still infringes the nuclear agreement and we will react to it."


    Rouhani said he will attend the meeting of experts committee on Wednesday to decide on Iran's reaction to what he called the U.S. violation.


    Source: Reuters

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