The cold continues in Syria .. and temperatures are below their average

Temperatures remain lower than their average in most regions due to Syria being affected by an air depression that extends across all layers of the air, accompanied by a cold and moist air mass.

The meteorological department of the system expected in its publication yesterday morning that the weather will be partly cloudy to rainy at intervals and it will be snowy at high altitudes of more than 1200 meters with very cold weather at night and the low level of snowfall to reach 1000 meters.

Winds are moderate to southwesterly, with active flashes, especially over the southern region, while fluctuating to northeasterly in the rest of the regions. The sea is light in high waves.

And there is a significant decrease in temperatures tomorrow, to fall below their rates by 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, and the weather is cloudy and raining at intervals, and it is expected that the level of snowfall will reach as low as 900 meters.