Monday 20 January 2020 | 6:30 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Witness: The moment an opposition fighters came under direct fire, then a shell was fired at his vehicle in eastern Idlib


    An opposition fighter documented his mobile camera, the moment he came under direct fire, and then was hit by heavy shells, on his vehicle he was driving in the fighting in eastern Idlib.

    Sources in the opposition confirmed the life of the fighter, who was driving the vehicle on the Abu Dafna hub east of Idlib. And a military source in the opposition revealed, on Sunday, the reason for the withdrawal of the factions from the village of Abu Dafna shortly after their control. A military source, who preferred not to be identified, told the Stip News Agency that the military action was considered by military customs as a "raid" that achieved several goals and then withdrew.

    The source pointed out that the National Liberation Front announced that its fighters were able to kill more than 19 elements of the Syrian regime forces, including a captain, and wounded about 5 others, damage to a tank and a tanker vehicle "BMB" and the destruction of a 130 mm field cannon, and seized a number Of weapons and ammunition. And on the reasons for not completing the work and establishing control, the source stated that the participating forces faced mud agricultural lands as a result of the rains, which caused the difficulty of the mechanisms inside the mud and their inability to follow and reach their goal, which led to the factions having to leave a number of mechanisms behind.

    The National Liberation Front announced the death toll of the regime's militias in the attack launched by its fighters today, Sunday, on regime sites in the village of Abu Dafna. The Front said, "A specific raid operation launched by our fighters at the Assad gang sites in Abu Dafna in the eastern Idlib countryside resulted in the death and injury of dozens of Assad gangs, the damage of a tank and a BMP transport vehicle, the destruction of a 130 mm field cannon, and the seizure of a number of light weapons and ammunition.

    " Today, Sunday, the fighting factions took control of Abu Dafna, in the eastern countryside of Idlib. The factions began this afternoon a military operation against the regime's posts along the eastern Idlib countryside.