Wednesday 6 November 2019 | 7:55 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Syrian Constitutional mini-committee formulates plan for moving forward.

    The Syrian Constitutional Committee launched a week long session of a mini committee in Geneva devoted to developing a work program for the days ahead.

    The 45-member mini-committee of the Constitutional Committee, consisting of 15 members from each of the three delegations, held its first session on Monday, Nov, 06.2019 at UN Headquarters in the presence of the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen..

    The Co-Chairs agreed that the agenda of this session should be devoted to the development of the program of work to be followed during the next sessions, taking advantage of the discussion of ideas and proposals made during the initial meetings of the plenary in order to determine what works to be constitutional principles.

    Representatives of the Syrian Negotiating Committee (SNC) in the Constitutional Committee presented a proposal for the mechanism of work during this session in hopes of reaching a consensus among the participants for a viable agenda, as well as a mechanism for its implementation.

    The ultimate goal of the Syrian Constitutional Committee is to draft a new constitution for the country.

    The key to the work of the mini-committee is the 12 principles agreed upon by the Syrians with the United Nations, issued in the previous Geneva rounds and adopted by the Sochi Conference in its final statement.

    The task of all members of the Constitutional Committee is to work as a united team for the benefit of Syria, regardless of differences of opinion and position.

    SNC representatives of the Constitutional Committee stressed that they  are open to all ideas and contend that all members must cooperate in the formation of a new constitution that serves the interests of all the Syrian people.

    Members of the SNC call upon the Rules of Procedure approved by the United Nations, the Geneva Declaration and UNSC Resolution 2254 as the basis for action during the meetings of the Constitutional Committee..

     Tuesday’s session focused on what is constitutional, and what is unconstitutional.


    Yasser Ashkar
    The Syrian Constitutional SNC