Sunday 29 September 2019 | 10:30 AM Damascus Local Time
  • This is how Iran secretly smuggles weapons into Syrian regime - Map


    Ein al-Furat news released an illustrative map of the routes Iran uses to smuggle weapons into Syria.

    According to the network, the weapons come out of Diyala province on the Iraqi-Iranian border, which is considered the source of supply with a huge military base.

    The supplies usually consist of ammunition and communication equipment, weapons, and fuel for military vehicles and military uniform.

    The supplies route starts from Samarra to Baiji and then Mosul, which is a gathering point, and this road has become a military route for Iranian militias to bring weapons to the Syrian border, where it is transported by military and civilian vehicles.

    The news network pointed out that after Mosul, the supplies reach"Agija" which is in the middle of the way between Albokamal and Mosel.
    All around this road is considered amilitary zone, that no ome is alloaweed to reach.

    After supplies are reached to the Syrian border, they are transported ti Hary twon, and then Dier Alzor town in the form of a few batches in order not to draw attention

    As for food and vegetables, they are brought from Qaem city through specified people