Saturday 3 August 2019 | 4:53 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Al-monitor: Israeli military attacks in Iraq could complicate US strategy in Middle East


    "Twice in the last month, Israeli F-35s have bombed Iraq, according to reliable media reports, signaling a potential widening of Israel’s military campaign against Iranian targets" Almonitor said

    " If so, the Trump administration has a problem on its hands. The Israeli attacks in Syria, combined with US sanctions, are working, according to a senior Trump administration official, speaking off the record." the sites continues.

    Jonathan Spyer, writing in the Wall Street Journal, notes “the force and accuracy of the Israeli raids in Syria notwithstanding, Iran’s possession of a mobilized, Tehran-dependent military infrastructure in Iraq is equal evidence of an Iranian success.”

    "The United States, for its part, needs to continue to work the back channels, counsel restraint and, in the process, set some red lines among the parties to avoid any further and unwelcome escalation" the article concluded.


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