In Syrian Regime Areas … Syrians Invent A New Job From The Queues Of Buying Gas Cylinders

Agencies (Qasioun) – Recently, and among the lack of gas cylinders in the Syrian regime held areas, a new job was created by civilians to solve the problems of queues in front of the gas distribution centers.


Syrians suffering for months from the lack of gas cylinders and caused to form queues in front of the distribution centers, which led to invent the job of “Waiting and pre-booking”.


Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper quoted from a civilian “The queue is the only place where you can see the people of Homs, old and young, men and women, the gas cylinder united us”


The civilian added “Dozens of people working on reserving places in the queues since the early hours of morning, and later they sell it for the civilians and the price increase as long as it approaches to the beginning of the queue.”