Wednesday 30 January 2019 | 11:6 AM Damascus Local Time
  • ISIS Official Killed Eastern Syria

    Contributed By: Talal Kharrat - Edited By : Talal Kharrat


    Agencies (Qasioun) – Local media sources reported that an ISIS official was killed during an airstrike that targeted Abu Kamal city in Deir Ezzor countryside 2 days ago.


    Euphrates Post network said that an ISIS official called Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Abady, also known as Abu Osama Al-Qurashy from Mu Hassan city, was killed in the US-Led Coalition airstrikes that hit Marashda town near Abu Kamal city 2 days ago.


    Noteworthy that the official was among the first to follow ISIS in the area and helped ISIS enter the city and the whole province in general.


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