Turkey Hosts 4.7 Million Migrants From 190 Nations

Agencies (Qasioun) – The director general of the Interior Ministry’ migration management department Abdullah Ayaz told Anadolu Agency in the International Migrant’s Day on Tuesday that Turkey hosts migrants from 190 nations.


Ayaz said that Turkey hosts 4.7 million migrants, including 3.6 million Syrians.


"Migrants in Turkey are our guests," he said, adding the Anatolian region has hosted numerous civilizations throughout history.


Ayaz said that migrants contribute to the social life, society, culture and economy of the country, adding that many of them take advantage of education services in Turkey, while others seek employment and register for work permits, or establish their own business.


He noted that the Directorate General of Migration Management plans to launch a "Live in Turkey" informative platform in six languages starting from 2019.


Foreigners will be able to access holistic information at liveinturkey.gov.tr, Ayaz said.