Jordanians Throwing Their Lemon In Streets As A Protest For Importing The Syrian Lemon – Video


Agencies (Qasioun) – Video Footage went viral showing Jordanian farmers while throwing their lemon products in the main street of Ghor area, as they protest against the expansion of Syrian lemon in the Jordanian markets.


Al-Ghad Jordanian newspaper said that farmers are protesting for “Allowing imported products to expand in the local market, and flood the market, which led to recession of the local products, and caused losses for the farmers, and forced them to stop harvesting their fruits.”


The farmers considered “opened the borders for the Syrian products will cause losses in the Jordanian agricultural field especially the lemon farmers” adding that “Ministry of Agriculture is not caring despite of the farmers’ complaints about intending to flood the local markets with different kinds of Syrian lemon, with less costs in comparison with the local product.”