Thursday 4 October 2018 | 12:29 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Syrian Regime Reaches Understanding With Arab States


    Agencies (Qasioun) – The Syrian regime president Bashar Al-Assad during his interview with Al-Shahed Kuwaiti newspaper that Syria had reached a "major understanding' with Arab states after years of hostility over the country's civil war."


    Assad didn't name the Arab countries but said Arab and Western delegations had begun visiting Syria to prepare for the reopening of diplomatic and other missions. Soon the civil war will be over, Assad told the paper's publisher, allowing Syria to resume its pivotal role in the region.


    Assad praised Kuwait's position regarding Syria in the interview with Al-Shahed, calling its leader "a problem solver.''


    Al-Shahed's editor in chief is one of the many members of the extended Kuwaiti royal family. The paper was temporarily shut down in 2010 and 2014 for insulting the judiciary and the public prosecutor and for publishing false news. Its editor in chief was sentenced to three months behind bars in 2010.


    The interview in the Al-Shahed newspaper, published Wednesday, was Assad's first with a Gulf newspaper since the war began in 2011.



    Source: VOA