Officially … Syrian Regime Reopens Nusaib Crossing Border With Jordan And Latter Denies

Agencies (Qasioun) – The Syrian regime ministry of transportation said in a statement released on Saturday that it reopened Nusaib crossing border with Jordan.


The statement said "Syria's Ministry of transportation announce reopening Nusaib crossing border with Jordan for trucks and transit movements"


The ministry said previously that "Ministry ended maintenance processes in the International highway joining Damascus and Jordan borders, and removed the rubbles and war remnants as it prepares to re-open Nusaib crossing border"


Separately, The Jordanian government official spokeswoman, Jomana Ghunaimat, that Jaber-Nusaib crossing border still closed and didn’t open yet for goods and passengers.


It said in press conference that "Both sides continuing their discussions to open the borders and discuss the situation in the customs centres, where the technical committees met to discuss the matter."


She added that technical committees' meetings still running and cleared that opening the borders need to provide infrastructure, logistics and technical procedures that should be accomplished before opening the borders.