Syrian Civil Defense Extinguishes Fire Blazes Caused By Syrian Regime Bombardment On Idlib



Idlib (Qasioun) – The Syrian civil defense 'White Helmets' could extinguish fire blazes caught forests due to Syrian regime shelling with missiles carrying flammable substances in Idlib countryside.


The teams published on its twitter official accounts pictures showing fire blazes that harvested hectares of agricultural lands in Bedama and Najya towns western Idlib's countryside, due to the shelling with missiles on the area.


Separately, The United Nations UN denounced the attacks carried out by Syrian regime forces and its allies on Idlib city northwestern Syria, and urged to protect the civilians.


It added "We are concerned from the continuous intensive shelling on Idlib that caused to kill civilians and destruction in the infrastructure, UN denounce the attacks against civilians, humanitarian workers and targeting civil infrastructure".