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  • 2 Iraqi Pilots Suspended Due To Fight Onboard

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    Agencies (Qasioun) - Two Iraqi Airways pilots have been suspended after they physically fought during a flight.


    The two pilots reportedly had an argument that turned physical on a flight to Baghdad, Iraq. The flight, which was carrying 157 passengers, left the Mashhad Airport in Iran on Wednesday.


    In a statement, Iraqi Airways said that the Ministry of Transport began an investigation into the incident. The document also mentioned that both pilots have been suspended and may face a lifetime flying ban.


    The Independent reported that at 37,000 feet, the two pilots got into the fight all because of a food tray. Security guards on board broke up the fight, which according to witnesses had caused damage to the cockpit, AirLive.net reports.


    The co-pilot from Wednesday’s incident gave his version of the incident in a letter to Iraqi Airways management. “Conversation with the pilot became heated because he forbade an air hostess from bringing me a meal tray,” he said. 


    The co-pilot added that the pilot initiated the attack because he “hadn’t asked him for authorization.” In the letter, the co-pilot pointed out that after the plane landed at its destination, the pilot once again assaulted him.


    Source: Newsweek

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