Monday 14 March 2016 | 10:1 PM Damascus Local Time
  • 80 airstrikes on Tadmour and regime forces failed in breaking into Defenses of ISIS


    Homs (Qasioun) Russian air forces carried out more than 80 airstrikes on neighborhoods of Tadmour city in countryside of Homs ,where the Russian tried to support regime forces that launched wide military campaign on Tadmour city that controlled by ISIS.

    As well the countryside of Tadmour city exposed to heavy airstrikes which consider the most intense airstrikes where the raids already destroyed neighborhoods.

    In Qaryatin city in east of Homs the clashes still ongoing  between ISIS and regime forces where regime forces aim to seize over the city and failed in breakings the frontlines of ISIS in the city despite the airstrikes by regime and russian air forces.

    ميليشيا قتلى حزب اللهيعقوب الحلومفاوضاتالجيش الايرانيمحادثات السلام