Monday 14 March 2016 | 6:27 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Syrian arrested in Sweden on suspicion of war crimes committed in Syria


    A Syrian asylum-seeker has been arrested in Sweden after being accused of war crimes in his home country.

    Mohamad Abdullah, 31, allegedly fought for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad before fleeing the country and travelling to Scandinavia.

    Abdullah appeared in court in Stockholm on Thursday, admitting to being a member of the Syrian regime, but denies fighting for the government.

    Abdullah arrived in Sweden in July 2015 and applied for asylum in the country, which has offered all Syrian refugees a right to stay in the wake of the civil was that has gripped the country for five years. 

    تصفيةالجزماتيحيدرة سليمانحواجز قوات النظاماحمد بري