Monday 14 March 2016 | 12:23 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Regime bombards Palmyra with missiles and barrels bomb


    Homs (Qasioun) – Syrian regime forces bombarded on Monday morning residential neighborhoods in Palmyra city with 200 missiles which causing huge destruction in the city.

    Qasioun news correspondent reported that regime helicopters dropped bombs barrels on Palmyra city and no information about victims.

    Regime forces launched intense attack on Islamic state positions in attempts to progress into the city, so yesterday violent clashes took places between regime forces and ISIS in Dewa area near Palmyra where led to dead and injured among regime forces and Shiite militias.

    Regime forces shelled with heavy canons on Ter Mella village in which led to material damages only.

    And clashes took place between regime forces backed by Shiite militias and opposition forces last night in Tasnen front’s near Om Shrshooh village.

    حيدرة سليمانيعقوب الحلوولاية الخيرمفاوضاترواد الفضاء