Monday 14 March 2016 | 9:53 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Regime progressing in Marj


    Rif Dimashq (Qasioun) – the Syrian regime forces have progressed the last night over Bala farms front in Marj area in eastern Ghouta, after fierce clashes between both sides.

    The clashes were followed by intensive bombardment by the regime forces located in Marj sultan over Marj fronts with dozens of missiles, backing up the regime attempts to raid the area.

    The Syrian regime forces attempting from more than 2 monthers to progress in Marj area, the matter that led to displace most of the area’s habitants, in addition to the huge destruction due to the continuous bombardment.

    The regime willing to split eastern Ghouta into 2 parts and secure the international airport highway, while the opposition showing a strong defeat against the regime.

    قرية بانصتحالف اسلاميتحالف رباعيالجزماتيمنظمة التعاون الاسلامي