More Than 10 IRGC Fighters Killed Western Iran

Agencies (Qasioun) – 11 Iranian fighters followed to the Iranian revolutionary guards corps IRGC were killed and 8 others injured on Saturday during clashes with armed fighters western Iran.


“The identity of the terrorists has not been figured out yet and no group has claimed responsibility,” Reza Mirzaee, director of security for Kurdistan province, told IRNA news Saturday morning.


A base of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in Mariwan was attacked early Saturday morning.


An ammunition cache exploded in the clashes, causing a number of casualties, Fars News reported, citing an official statement.


Iran forces reported they killed a number of the attackers, but there are no definite casualty figures confirmed.


The mayor of Mariwan, Mohammed Shafi, claimed the attack was staged by PJAK, an armed Kurdish group with ties to the PKK.