Monday 2 July 2018 | 9:22 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Protests And Calls In Amsterdam To Save Daraa

    Contributed By: Talal Kharrat - Edited By : Talal Kharrat

    Protests in Holland's Amsterdam to Save Daraa (Via Anadolu Agency)

    Agencies (Qasioun) – Holland's Amsterdam witnessed protests on Sunday that denounce the intensive military escalation by the Syrian regime forces and their backing up militias on Daraa province southwestern Syria.


    The protesters called to stop the massacres committed by Assad regime in Daraa, and raised slogans calling for "Save Daraa" and "Open the borders", in addition to raising the Opposition Flags.


    The protesters denounced the international silence towards the humanitarian crisis run in Daraa and other Syrian provinces by the Syrian regime forces and their backing up allies.


    Disana Van Bridirodi, the Director of the Syrian Committee who organized the protest, said "Daraa witnessing unbelievable attacks from several weeks, what's happening is horrific" adding that "Attack conducted by Syrian regime and backed up by Iran and Russia".


    "Sights turning to the World Cup hosted by Russia, meanwhile the ongoing events in Daraa are not being listed on the news reports at night" she continued.


    Syrian regime forces and their backing up militias and Russian warplanes are launching a wide military campaign on Daraa province, the campaign is considered the most intense since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011.


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