Chief Of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas Militias Preparing For Southern Syria Battle

(Qasioun) – The Syrian regime media sources published on Wednesday pictures for what is said to be the chief of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas militias, Aos Al-Khafagy Abu Ajeeb, preparing for the southern Syria battle, according to the media sources.


It indicated that Khafagy made a tour and checked the militias points in Suwaidaa desert, adding that it is predicted to be the battle of "Southern Syria against ISIS".


Southern Syria witnessing tensions between several territorial powers, in addition to the Israeli occupation that alled to dislodge the Iranian militias from the area, simultaneously while Russia threatening to allow Syrian regime to expand in the area.


Syrian opposition expressed its readiness in Daraa province and southern Syria to foil any attacks by the Syrian regime forces and the Iranian militias in the area.