Picture Shows The French Forces In Manbij City Eastern Aleppo


Aleppo (Qasioun) – Activists and local media sources published a picture and said that it is showing one of the military vehicles followed to the French forces near Manbij city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.


French and American forces’ convoys arrived to the city on April, in addition to the French forces that arrived to Ramilan airbase in Qamishly city in Hasakeh countryside.



Anadolu Agency said previously that the American forces expanded 2 observation posts located around Dadat village followed to Manbij, as it aims to turn them to 2 military bases, the first point is located 8km. away from Sajor river that splits between Euphrates shield forces and Kurdish People’s defense Units YPG militant group, the second point located near Nuaimia farm which is located 4km away from the Euphrates shield held areas.


Manbij case still controversy, as Ankara and Syrian opposition forces insist to enter it following protests and demonstrations in the city against the YPG policies as it control the city since ISIS withdrew it.