Russian Airstrikes Hit Kindergarten In Idlib Countryside, Children Injured

Idlib (Qasioun) – More than 20 children were injured after the Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on Monday and targeted a kindergarten in Taftanaz city western Idlib's countryside.


Moreover, the Syrian regime warplanes carried out airstrikes over separated areas in Idlib city, leaving 4 civilians injured and others stuck under debris.


The airstrikes targeted Idlib market and Al-Hal market near Mehrab area and Mutanaby square in Idlib city, which led to injure 4 civilians and caused wide destruction in the residential buildings.


According to Civil defense statics, 264 civilians killed and 967 others injured in the duration between January 1 and February 5 2018 due to the Syrian regime airstrikes and their Russian allies.