Monday 12 March 2018 | 1:30 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Dozens Of Injuries Including Children Following Syrian Regime Shelling On Eastern Ghouta

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    Damascus (Qasioun) – Dozens of injuries were injured including children on early Monday after the Syrian regime forces bombarded Saqba city in Damascus countryside's Eastern Ghouta.


    Moreover, Syrian regime forces bombarded Jasrin city with heavy artillery and missiles, without any information received about casualties among civilians, among violent clashes running around the city between Syrian opposition and Syrian regime forces.


    Noteworthy that 25 civilians were killed and dozens injured on Sunday after the Syrian regime forces and Russian warplanes bombarded Eastern Ghouta cities and towns in Damascus countryside.


    The cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta area witnessing one of the most intensive and bloody military campaign by the Syrian regime forces and Russia, which led to hundreds of casualties among the civilians.


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