Monday 12 March 2018 | 12:49 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Dozens Of Fatalities Among Syrian Regime Soldiers Following Failed Advances In Eastern Ghouta

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    Damascus (Qasioun) – More than 40 soldiers followed to the Syrian regime forces were killed on late Sunday by the Syrian opposition in Eastern Ghouta area near Damascus.


    Jayesh Al-Islam spokesman Hamza Berakdar announced that the forces could caused wide losses among the Syrian regime fronts lines as number of fatalities "reached more than 40 among the Assad militias, in addition to breaking down 3 APCs using anti-armor vehicles and mines"


    Berakdar added "For the 7th day, The Militias attempting to raid the area from several areas, all these attempts failed as they suffered casualties and wide losses"


    Noteworthy that 229 soldiers followed to the Syrian regime forces and their backing up militias were killed during the clashes around Eastern Ghouta in the first week.


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