Thursday 8 March 2018 | 3:55 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Humaimim: Suhail Al-Hassan Forces Didn’t Succeed In Eastern Ghouta

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    Latakia (Qasioun) – The Russian airbase of Humaimim in Syria considered that Suhail Al-Hassan militias followed to the Syrian regime forces didn't succeed in progressing around Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.


    The airbase said on its unofficial pages that the militias "will continue its operation from the eastern side to reach the allied forces in the western side" asserting that Russian forces "will continue in backing up the military operation against terrorists which is not conflicting the Security council resolution no. 2401".


    Syrian regime forces, backed up by several militias and Russian warplanes, carrying out a wide military campaign on Eastern Ghouta area in Damascus countryside, which led to capture several military positions, but it suffered casualties among its front-lines.


    The Russian airbase have praised the so-called Tiger Forces, led by Suhail Al-Hassan, at the beginning of the military campaign.


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