Wednesday 7 March 2018 | 3:35 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Humaimim To Honor Leaders In Suhail Al-Hassan Militias

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    Latakia (Qasioun) – The Russian airbase of Humaimim praised the commanders of Suhail Al-Hassan militias called Tiger Forces backing up the Syrian regime forces, pointing out to the possibility of honoring its commanders.


    The airbase indicated on its unofficial page that "its early to determine the identity of military commanders who proved their efforts in the running battles between the Governmental forces and extremist organizations in Eastern Ghouta" predicting that "Several commanders joining the militias run by Suhail Al-Hassan who met with the Russian president Vladimir Putin will be honored".


    Suhail Al-Hassan militias running military operations around Eastern Ghouta area after withdrawing from Idlib city, as Russia is focusing widely on Suhail Al-Hassan, while international media sources considered that Al-Hassan competes with Assad in Syria.


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