Thursday 1 March 2018 | 12:25 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Whole Group Followed To Suhail Al-Hassan Militias Killed In Eastern Ghouta

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    Damascus (Qasioun) – 13 fighters followed to Suhail Al-Hassan militias (Tiger Forces) who backs up the Syrian regime forces were reportedly killed during the military operations around Eastern Ghouta area in Damascus countryside.


    Syrian regime media sources published a leaked document from Tashrin military hospital showing the names of the fighters and the groups they are followed to.




    However, the Russian and Syrian regime warplanes carried out airstrikes over the villages and towns of Jasrin, Arbin, Harasta and Kafrbatna villages and towns, which led to injuries among the civilians, but without any fatalities reported.


    Noteworthy that Syrian regime brought reinforcements during the past few weeks to the militias and military groups around Eastern Ghouta area, during their attempt to enter the area as they failed.


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