Wednesday 28 February 2018 | 3:14 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Hamza Berakdar Reveal Details On Battles Running Eastern Ghouta

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    Damascus (Qasioun) – The Syrian opposition's Jayesh Al-Islam spokesman, Lt. Hamza Berevealed details on the military operations running around Hosh Dawahra village in Eastern Ghouta area.


    Beraqdar tweeted that since last night "Hosh Dawahra front witnessing intensive battles in an attempt from Assad militias to advance and capture the town, Syrian regime used the heavy artillery, warplanes, missiles, Napalm bombs".


    The lieutenant indicated that military operations led to "Mass destruction in Sifko factory for medicines, which forced Mujahedin of Jayesh Al-Islam to evacuate it and return to its previous front-lines, where the battles still running and Assad militias suffered losses and casualties".


    Syrian regime media sources claimed that the forces could capture Hosh Dawahra town in Damascus countryside, in addition to entering Nashabya and Shayfonia villages, which is denied by Hamza Beraqdar.


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