SDF Adhered To Decentralized Rule Even With The Intervention Of The Syrian Army In Afrin

Agencies (Qasioun) – The Joint chief of Syrian democratic council, Riad Dirar, said on Monday that they are adhered to the decentralized rule in the self-management areas held by SDF.


He added that since the beginning of the Turkish military operation in Afrin, there were calls to the "Syrian Government" to take its role in "Saving the country's borders" pointing out that "there are no need to the Syrian forces but the air defenses as announced by the Syrian foreign prime minister Faysal Al-Meqdad"


Dirar asserted that "Political and managerial agreements between Kurds and Syrian government is not in our agenda, the state knows that Kurds is not like other opposition parties and they won't allow to interfere in the civil and managerial matters and Kurds holding with the de-centralization"


Dirar stated that every "positive situation from the Syrian government will be faced by positive situation from the Kurds who aims to reach joint points with the Syrian state and put solutions for the problems"