Friday 16 February 2018 | 12:32 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Coordinator Of Raqqa Negotiations Between SDF And ISIS Assassinated

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    Raqqa (Qasioun) – Gunmen assassinated on Thursday «Ibrahim Salama» who was coordinating the negotiations between Syrian democratic forces SDF and Islamic state ISIS militant groups in Raqqa province.


    Gunmen raided Salama house in Tabaqa city and killed him, later SDF imposed a security cordon around his house.



    Ibrahim Salama was injured previously by a landmine during the negotiations and led to amputate his leg and moved to Iraqi Kurdistan to install prostheses.


    Noteworthy that Salama managed negotiations that led thousands of ISIS fighters to withdraw from Raqqa and SDF entered the city to seize the city last October.


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