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    Sudan Denies Establishing Turkish Military Base In Suakin Island, Another Resort To Be Built


    Agencies (Qasioun) – The Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour denied Thursday any intention of the Sudanese leadership to establish a Turkish military base in Suakin Island, affirming that 'it is a pure Sudanese property for Sudanese people only.'


    "There is no intention to establish a Turkish base, not in Suakin, nor any place in Sudan," Ghandour stated during a joint press conference with Egypt's Foreign Minister on Thursday.


    Ghandour affirmed that the island was subject to talks between Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to Khartoum on December 24, where he proposed to his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir to restore the island's old houses, to make benefit of it as a touristic destination.


    Earlier today, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met with his Sudanese counterpart, Ibrahim Ghandour, alongside the chiefs of intelligence of the two countries, where they discussed the mutual interest of Egypt and Sudan.


    In a press conference held right after the end of the quartet meeting, Shoukry stated that the meetings aimed at eliminating all differences between the two countries and to reach consensual solutions on all debatable files.


    Suakin is a port city in Northeast Sudan on the Red Sea. The port was conquered by Turkish (Ottoman) sultan Selim I in 1517. Late Khedive of Egypt and Sudan Ismail Pasha received Suakin from the Ottomans in 1865.


    However, The Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir announced on Wednesday that his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan began accomplishing his promise to rebuild Sawakin island.


    Al-Bashir said during his address in Port Sudan city’s stadium that “After re-building Suakin island, it will be a touristic area and the tourists destination from inside and outside the country” according to Anadolu agency.


    Al-Bashir added “Now Suakin island, and tomorrow we will begin in establishing Shena’ab touristic resort on the Red seas” and asked the officials in his government to facilitate the movement of tourists inside Sudan and facilitate the procedures of granting visas to enter the country.


    Source: Egypt Today, Anadolu Agency


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